How to get Mother Tokens in Warframe and farm


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Warframe: Mother Tokens

How to get Mother Tokens ? Even seasoned players might become perplexed by Warframe’s complex resource and Syndicate systems, and the Entrati Syndicate is no exception. In 2020, this erstwhile Orokin family descended into the Necralisk alongside the Heart of Deimos Update, bringing with them a new region and the Entrati Syndicate (the Cambion Drift). Do you know how to How to earn Prime Relics?. You should read our How to earn Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe too.

The Mother, who was once Euleria Entrati—the daughter of Albrecht Entrati, who discovered Void travel—is the Entrati’s own reputed leader as a Syndicate. However, most of the Entrati’s prior lives were lost after landing on Deimos, and the Syndicate’s growing plot revolves upon developing a new family dynamic based on the experiences the Entrati have had since arriving on Deimos. The Mother is one of the NPCs that players will contact with the most since she oversees all of the activities and bounty distribution in the Cambion Drift.

The Entrati Syndicate employs a Token system, enabling Tenno to accumulate Tokens for their preferred merchants by, for example, completing several Mother bounties or partaking in mining, fishing, or conservation activities, and then redeeming them when they require Entrati Standing. Entrati Tokens can occasionally also be used as money or recipes, such as during the Nights of Naberus event.
The easiest tokens to obtain are Mother Tokens, and fortunately for players, they can decide how many they want dependent on the level of difficulty they select for their actions.

How to get Mother Tokens in Warframe and farm

In Warframe, you may earn Mother Tokens by doing Mother Bounties. Bring up your menu and then proceed to the Necralisk on the Deimos node to fast travel to the Mother. She will then give you a few options for bounties, each with a different level of difficulty. More Tokens will be awarded to you for completions at a higher level, with Steel Path bounties presenting the most difficult tasks and lucrative prizes.

Repeating the Mother’s bounty is the greatest strategy to farm Mother Tokens in Warframe. Her goals change often, thus the optimal bounty will depend on what is available at the time. Generally speaking, level 40–60 bounties offer the best balance of time commitment and payouts. Steel Path bounties typically take a lot longer and are more difficult.


Therefore the increase in rewards might not be worth the extra effort. Although they’re not always a terrible decision if you already want to harvest Mother Tokens, Isolation Vault bounties give less Mother Tokens every visit. The symbol directly below the bounty’s name and to the left of the levels window, which will display how many Mother Tokens you’ll bag by completing all goals, can be found by hovering the mouse over its tool tip.

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