How to earn Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe

How-to-earn-Prime-Relics for Revenant-Prime-Warframe

How to earn Prime Relics

The enigmatic Warframe’s Revenant was left behind to defend the Plains of Eidolon from the terrifying beasts that earned the place its name. He suddenly vanished, but as part of the Mask of the Revenant quest line in Cetus, the Tenno can (to a certain extent) resurrect him.

How to earn Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe?

Revenant Prime released in 5th October, 2022. Revenant Prime is now available in Warframe for players that don’t want to repeat the quest route, max out their builds, or even simply get a new cosmetic.
Revenant Prime keeps the holy trinity of Mesmer Skin, Enthrall, and Reave, which makes the Warframe an unstoppable force on the battlefield, much like his ordinary version.

Players may momentarily transform an adversary into an ally by hypnotising them with Enthrall, while Revenant’s Mesmer Skin protects him from harm and gives him the ability to enthral foes who hit him without using any energy. Enthralled foes additionally get an additional percentage of health damage from Reave.

Last but not least, Revenant’s fourth ability, Danse Macabre, enables him to fire mighty energy bursts that may significantly damage foes, particularly when utilised with a build that emphasises strength (though players can always subsume a different ability in its stead). Relics, the most popular method of acquiring new Prime Warframes, are also how Revenant Prime may be acquired.

They may be given away as drops for particular actions, and after being received, they must be opened in a compatible Fissure to disclose one of its possible prizes.
All Warframe Revenant Prime Relics
Revenant Prime only comes in two Relics: Lith and Meso, unlike other Prime Warframes. This allows you to concentrate on two drop sources, one of which is not the elusive Axi Relic.

Chassis: Meso N13 (Common)
Systems: Meso P9 (Uncommon)
Systems: Meso P9 (Uncommon)
Neuroptics: Lith S14 (Uncommon)
Blueprint: Lith R2 (Rare)

Because of this distribution, you may double-dip when gathering relics for Revenant Prime, focusing on the sources that provide you Lith and Meso relics and maximising your time efficiency.
How to obtain every Warframe Revenant Prime Relic

• Meso P9 (Systems) and Meso N13 (Chassis): If you’re seeking for two Relics, your chances of finding Meso Relics during the first 10 waves (two rotations) on Io in Jupiter increase by two. Maximize your use of it. The rewards for Ukko (Capture) in the Void are split between Meso and Neo as an alternative.

• Lith R2 (Blueprint) and S14 (Neuroptics): Hepit on the Void is one of Warframe’s quickest missions because it’s a capture, and with two potential rewards on the loot pool, you have about a 13 percent chance of getting each Relic you want, which adds up to over a one-in-four chance if you want to stock up on Revenant Prime Relics.

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