Destiny 2 facing errors issues today

destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 facing errors issues today

Those who are having trouble connecting to Destiny 2 may start to see rumors of Destiny 2 down on September 30 for it facing errors issues today . Players are reporting “weasel” issues, which is something Bungie is aware of. Lots of players as well as the programmers and others are searching the solution of this issue. You will be glad to know that our exparts are also trying to fix it as soon as possible. According to our source Bungie Inc, the creator of this game got the issue. You may have latest report in our blog soon.


Question 1 : Is Destiny 2 completely free now?
Answer : If you are a born player, you will be surprised to know that such a amazing game is completely free. You just need to simply download it and done. But also it has some premium features in the game.

Question 2 : Will Destiny 2 ever end?
Answer : No. The creator studio of the game said that they have already completed upcoming updates or features. You will enjoy the updates at least upcoming 10 years.

Question 3 : Will Destiny 2 ever end?
Answer : It takes 70 to 120 GB according to the gaming device. Here are some example of supported devices PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One,Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows.

Question 4 : Is it a good game?
Answer : Obviously it is a good and user friendly game. According to google it has 4.1 rating out of 5.

Question 5 : Is Destiny 2 worth playing now?
Answer : Yes it is worth playing now for its high-end supported platform.

Conclusion :

As soon as we get updated from Bungie Inc, we will post a further blog in full details. You may turn on the bell notification for latest update.
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